In 1975, Juan the French arrived in Las Terrenas, which means for Las Terrenas the change of life of the community, which was a town of fishermen, farmers, beekeepers, with shacks, without water, without electricity, with hardly any local roads and no phone communication. It is Juan the Frenchman with his audacity to start the Tropic Banana hotel, who sets the pace for a modernized town.

In 1994, Decree No. 91-94 was issued on March 31, creating the tourist pole of the northeast Pole VI, which includes the municipality of Santa Bárbara de Samaná and Las Terrenas, this also represented a movement forward that encouraged the development of tourism.

Tourist Attractions

The beaches are the first tourist attraction, because they arouse the interest of visitors and residents. They are used for bathing, taking photos of weddings, birthdays, filming movies, practicing water sports due to the waves and the stability of the winds. The colors of the most beautiful sands that exist.

The hills represent a tourist attraction for investors and visitors, whether Dominican or foreign, who seduce them to build or acquire a second home, preferably with a view of the Escocesa Bay. The hills reinforce the beaches as the main attraction because people buy them to see the sea from them. They are discovered after the heads of the beaches are bought.

The fishing village that is an artificial tourist attraction that results from the combination of the construction of the ranches of the local fisherman and the commercial transformation ability of the European.

The entertainment centers are part of the tourist attractions of Las Terrenas. There are a variety of options and various environments. People can go to the super romantic places that exist around the beach, to nightclubs, very popular terraces or terraces that are a little quieter.

The aquatic activities that take place in the sea, such as diving, sailing and others are very popular and are part of the tourist attractions of the place.

The tourist activities of transportation constitute one of the tourist attractions of Las Terrenas, excursions are made with Safari, Fourwhell or Motors. There are routes to get to know the entire Samaná peninsula that tourists can use.

We will also indicate cultural tourism as a reinforcement to the other attractions.

The economics of tourism

The tourism economy of Las Terrenas encompasses a wide variety of services, such as accommodation, food, transportation, art and handicraft producers, banking, foreign exchange banks, commerce, commercial services, communications , vehicle and boat rentals, beverage consumption, purchases of second homes, sales of construction materials, the use of electricity, etc.News – Las Terrenas Live ! – News, Videos and Information of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.

In Las Terrenas, tourism has been the engine of economic, social, cultural development, advancement of the population, generator of employment, with the negative counterpart of increased cost of living and change in people accepting stereotypes of others. With good development of banking, exchange and remittance banks, commerce, electricity, the construction sector for the construction of tourism and transport infrastructures.

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